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Five-time Major champion Phil Mickelson and Amstel Light have teamed up for a multiyear partnership and launched a campaign which focuses on the struggles in adult male friendships. The campaign puts a humorous spin on the challenges men face in making new male friends in adulthood.

Where does Lefty fit in? He’s the guy providing the advice and support to men on and off the course, and he puts his own comedic spin on it. The announcement was made on social media with a video titled “In The Rough with Phil Mickelson”, which you can watch below. As you can see, the partnership kicked off with a little Phil comedy.

“Quality time with friends is only made better over a great beer like Amstel Light, which is the only beer I drink,” said Phil Mickelson. “I am really excited about this partnership and to launch this new campaign as we work together to help adult men create new, long-lasting friendships around our shared love of Amstel Light.”

And if you need a tip or two on how to make friends, Phil’s your guy.